Cut bodice front and back using pattern pieces, and glue to doll.  Don't worry about raw edges, as these pieces will all be covered with lace netting.

Cut length of netting as indicated in pattern instructions.  Sew gathering stitches across top and bottom edges of lace netting.  Place around doll's neck, and draw up top rows of gathering around neck, pulling threads tightly.  Tie off and glue knot.  Center ends of netting at center back of doll's torso.  Glue ends down to torso, folding under raw edges on top layer before gluing.
Draw up gathering thread in bottom edge of lace netting, pulling snugly around doll's waist.  Knot off, glue knot.  Using a thin nozzle glue applicator, place glue around dolls arm at edge of porcelain.  Press netting into glue, then trim away excess netting from arm area.  
Glue lace sleeve to fabric sleeve, with right sides of each piece facing up.  You will now treat this double thickness as a single layer in the following steps.


Fold sleeve in half right sides together.  Glue from underarm down 1/2" toward wrist edge.  


Carefully turn sleeve right side out.

Run gathering stitches across top edge of sleeve between dots on pattern piece.  Finger press remaining top edges of sleeve under.  
Run a small bead of glue around doll's arm, at edge of porcelain torso at arm.  Place sleeve on doll, with raw top edges folded under and draw up gathering stitches, bringing the fullness of sleeve to top of shoulder.  Make sure that you tuck in all raw edges, and be sure that the sleeve is securely anchored into the glue.  Tie off gathering stitches, knot and glue knot.  Trim threads, and poke in under sleeve.
Top edge of sleeve glued into place with all raw edges turned to inside.

On lower portion of sleeve, glue down one raw edge, centering on underside of arm.  Turn under remaining raw edge, and glue into place over previously glued edge.  Sleeve should fit snugly around doll's lower arm.

Glue a piece of velvet around neckline.



Sew gathering stitches around top edges of skirt section.


Place skirt onto doll.  Center the front panel on doll, and secure with straight pins.

Draw up gathering stitches, pulling tightly around waist, and having the fullness of the skirt at the center back of doll.

Using a long straight pin, push raw edges of skirt sides and back to inside of skirt.  Clip at sides of front panel if necessary, and leave seam allowance at waist front out as shown in next picture.
Run glue under seam allowances at skirt front, and press fabric firmly into glue to reduce bulk at waist front.
From under the skirt, run glue under the skirt seam allowances at sides and back. Press seam allowances firmly into glue to hold and to reduce bulk.
Skirt positioned, gathered and glued onto doll.
Test fit the over-bodice front and backs to doll before gluing.  These pieces should fit very snugly over your doll.  Slight variances may occur when the doll is assembled, so make any adjustments necessary before proceeding.

Place velvet over-bodice back into place and glue carefully, securing all edges and using care to keep glue off the velvet.

Turn under side edges of over-bodice front and glue this piece into place on doll, overlapping side seams, and fitting snugly onto doll.

Glue two small strands of 24/0 beads at top and bottom edges of collar band.

Glue 24/0 beads around top and bottom edges of over bodice.


This concludes the costuming of Adrianna.  Patterns pieces and instructions are also included in the pattern 101CP for the hat.  If you need online instructions on hat making, refer to the mini millinery tutorial, particularly the first lesson on basic construction techniques, and the third section, which will help you with the wired brim on Adrianna's hat.

I hope that you have found this tutorial helpful, and that you will visit again soon.

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