I designed and printed the teddy and pansies fabrics used in Chloe's dress myself.  Any two very small coordinating prints would work, or you may purchase a fabric kit from me which will include adequate fabric and trims to dress your Chloe doll.



1.  Cut one skirt according to pattern piece.  Press under 1/4" along bottom edge of skirt.  Glue hem in place, leaving the last 1" on either end unglued.
2.  With unglued hem area unfolded, place center back edges of skirt right sides together and glue.
3.  Refold hem at center back area, and glue.
4.  Run two rows of gathering stitches across the top edge of the skirt.  Fit and attach the skirt in the same manner you completed the slip.  Make sure that you glue the seam allowances down flatly to reduce bulk.
5.  Cut two sleeves from contrasting fabric using pattern piece.
6.  Right sides together, glue underarm edges.  Use warm iron to dry glue.  Turn to right side.
7.  Sew a row of gathering stitches across top and bottom edge of sleeve, leaving threads long enough to tie off.

8.  Run a bead of glue around the dolls arm, placing glue on the shoulder plate, just above where the cotton wrapping ends.

9.  Pull sleeve onto arm.  Make sure that the underarm seam is in the proper position.  With a needle, push the edges of the sleeve fabric into the glue around the bottom 1/3 of the arm area.
10.  Draw up gathering threads at the top of the sleeve.  Adjust fullness across the top of the shoulder.  Tie off gathering threads, and put a dot of glue on the knot. Trim threads.
11.  Run a bead of glue under the seam allowance at the top of the sleeve, in a similar manner as you did for the waist of the slip and skirt.  Adjusting sleeve fullness evenly, press seam allowances into glue.
12.  Sleeve gathered and glued into place at top edge.
13.  Draw up the gathering threads along the bottom edge of sleeve.  Position bottom edge of sleeve halfway between elbow and wrist.  Tie off gathering threads, glue knot and clip threads.  Run glue under seam allowances, and press into place, distributing gathers evenly around sleeve.
14.  Cut two cuff pieces from contrasting fabric using pattern piece.  Fold under and glue the top 1/3 of the cuff.  Fold up the bottom 1/3 of cuff and glue
15.  Place glue around bottom edges of sleeve, over the seam allowances.  Do not glue above your previous gathering stitches.
16.  Beginning at the underarm seam, glue the cuff around the arm, covering the raw edges of sleeve.  When you come to the end of the cuff, turn under and glue the raw edges, then glue end into place.
17.   When you come to the end of the cuff, turn under and glue the raw edges, then glue end into place.

No raw edges!!!

Repeat steps 6 - 17  for other sleeve.

18.  Cut bodice front and backs using pattern pieces.  Be sure to make a right and a left back!  Clip armhole edges as indicated on pattern piece.  Turn under and glue 1/8" armhole edges, and lower edges on both fronts and backs.  On front, turn under side edges and glue.  On one back, turn under 1/8" on center back edge and glue.
19.  Place glue around all outer edges of back piece that has the unfinished center back edge. 
20.  Carefully place on doll, bringing finished edges of armhole over the raw edges of your sleeve, and finished edges of bottom over raw edges of skirt.
21.  Place glue around all outer edges of remaining back piece.
22.  Place bodice back on doll, again covering raw edges of sleeve, and having the folded center back edge overlap the raw edge of opposite bodice back. 
23.  Place a small bead of glue around all edges of bodice front.
24.  Put bodice front in place, overlapping raw edges from sleeves and skirt.  Make sure that the neckline is properly placed, and that the folded "shoulder seams" are in the right position.
25.  Take care when positioning your bodice front.  You will have a few minutes before the glue sets up, so work carefully on getting all of the edges of the bodice as close to the gathering threads in the sleeves as possible. 

Bring the sides of the bodice around and glue, overlapping the raw edges of the bodice back.

Finished Bodice.
26.  I wanted to use this old piece of lace tape for a collar.  But the lace needs some modification.  If the collar was cut out of the straight trim, the front and back edges would be raw, and missing the pretty finished edge.

Trace the collar shape on the lace using a disappearing fabric marker.

27.  Cut the bottom edge of the trim carefully up to the line of the collar shape.
28.  Apply a thin line of glue to the front edge of collar outline.
29.  Bring the edging of the lace up over the glue and allow to dry. 

Now trim off the excess lace from under the edging.

30.  Finished collar.

Don't worry, the purple marker will disappear in a couple of hours!

31.  Place collar around Chloe's neckline, with edges of collar centered at front and back.
Finished bodice.

The collar technique will work with any lace piece that has a definite finished edge.

This completes this tutorial.  I hope you have enjoyed viewing it, and dressing your doll.  New tutorials will be added regularly to this site, so please come back and visit soon!

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