Cut pinafore skirt according to pattern piece.  Fold under and press 1/2" across bottom edge.  Unfold and run a tiny bead of glue across bottom edge, and refold to hem skirt.  Press well.
The original pinafore in the movie had a band of fabric cut on the bias across the skirt.

Turn under both long edges of skirt trim and glue.  Press well.  Finished trim will measure 1/4" in width.  Place glue on back side of trim, and position bottom  edge of trim 1/2" from bottom edge of skirt.  Right sides together, glue center back seam and press.


Sew two rows of gathering stitches across top edge of skirt piece.
Place skirt on doll, draw up gathers, knot and apply glue to knot. Adjust the gathers evenly around waistline.
Apply glue under the seam allowances around waistline.  Press fabric firmly into glue to reduce bulk, and anchor skirt.
Fold under one end of bodice piece and glue.  Apply glue to long ends of bodice, and unfinished short end.
Place bodice around waistline, with raw end of bodice at center back.  Bodice should overlap the raw edges of the skirt. Folded edge of bodice should be glued overlapping the unfinished end.
Place bodice around waistline, with raw end of bodice at center back.  Bodice should overlap the raw edges of the skirt. Folded edge of bodice should be glued overlapping the unfinished end.
Make your bodice trim piece in the same manner as your skirt trim, folding under and gluing edges.  Finished trim will measure 1/8" in width.  Place a row of trim around top and bottom edges of bodice.  At the end of each strip, turn under before gluing, for a neater finish.
Cut two pieces of trim long enough to go from bottom edge of waistband, over shoulder and back to bottom edge of waistband in back.  Glue into position.
Tiny buttons are hard to find.  I used flat back rhinestones, glued upside down, and painted the flat back white.  Buttons are positioned on shoulder straps at waistband in both the front and the back.

Ordinarily, I would not give you instructions for a hairstyle, because that is something that should be left up to the individual doll maker. In this case, however, there is certainly an appropriate and authentic style for this doll.  It has been reproduced in great detail here for you.  Actually, in the movie, Dorothy starts out with this hairstyle, but gets a makeover when she gets to Oz, and no more braids!  However, I always remember her with this style.
Use an auburn viscose for the wig.  Brush your viscose gently until all loose hairs and tangles are removed.
Apply glue from just above the ear to the peak of the head. Please note that this section does not go all the way across the forehead, but is at the sides of the head only.
Lay a small section of hair into glue, with the end of the hair just overlapping glue.  If necessary, apply a small amount of glue to the end of the section to hold together. Repeat for other side.  Repeat for other side.
Find the center part line on your head.  If necessary lightly mark it with a pencil.  Run a bead of glue from the hairline to the nape of the neck to one side of the center part line.

Please note that it is hard to get the glue to show in the photos, so I have used more than usual.  Use as little glue as possible in all of your miniature doll making, particularly in doing the wigs. 

Back view of glue line.
Working with small sections at a time, glue 4" long viscose into place, with ends of each section just overlapping the glue line.  Allow this to dry thoroughly.  

When making center parts, you are working backwards.  This will actually be the hair for the opposite side of the head!

When dry, flip the hair section over to the opposite side.  Use a straight pin to comb thru the hair if necessary to smooth.  The beginning of a center part is appearing.

Be sure in all of these steps to keep your first two side sections of hair separate from the main sections you are now gluing,  Putting them in front and under the arms will help.

Two small side sections, and one main section running from hairline to nape of neck.
Place glue next to center part line on the remaining side.  Again, DO NOT use this much glue.  Working in small sections place hair with the ends just over the glue area.  The length of hair will be over the section you just finished.  Remember, work backwards, because the hair will be flipped over when dry!
Bring hair over to the proper side.  Notice the two small side sections are still kept separate.
Back view
You have now applied all hair, and have two small sections at the temples and two main sections running from forehead to neck.
Divide the main section on one side into three equal sections.

A is the small front section, 

B, C, and D are the main section divided into the three equal parts.

Twist section A one complete twist, and bring back to section C.  Blend these two sections, and immediately begin braiding, starting by overlapping D over C to help anchor the front section into this strand.  
Continue braiding, remembering that braid begins above the ear, and continues toward the back of the head rather than coming down over the shoulder.

Notice the section at the temple???  Braided section shoulder length.

Dampen the hair below the braids, and wrap around a cocktail straw to smooth and curl.  Allow the hair to dry completely.
Gently unwrap hair from curling straws.  Gently spread hair apart, smooth, shape, and trim to appropriate length.
Gently spread hair apart, smooth, shape, and trim to appropriate length.


Tie 1/8" wide ribbon at the end of the braided section.

Dorothy wouldn't be Dorothy without the ruby slippers. Did you know that in the original book the slippers were "silver slippers" but were changed to ruby slippers in the movie because the director wanted to show off the wonders of Technicolor!!

Carefully paint shoes with testors model paint.  Allow to dry completely.  This takes several hours.

Apply a coat of modpodge or thinned white glue to the top and sides of each shoe. Do not paint the bottoms or inside of heels.
Working over a clean piece of paper, sprinkle ultrafine glitter over wet modge podge.  Allow to dry completely, the gently tap off or softly brush off excess glitter onto paper.  Fold paper in half, and pour excess back into your bottle for next time.
Ruby Slippers!

To complete your doll, you may want to arrange the folds in the skirt and puff the sleeves, then spray the doll's costume with hair spray to set the drape of the clothes.  Be sure to cover the face and limb, particularly the shoes as the hairspray may dull the shine.  I do not recommend spraying hair spray directly on the viscose hair, but if you have a few stubborn spots, spray a small amount of hairspray on a piece of wax paper.  use a small soft brush to apply sparingly to the spots where it is needed.

This is the original picture that I used when sculpting Dorothy.  See the ric rac around the neck and sleeves, and also the bias cut to the bodice bands.? Notice how the braids come from behind the ears, and are only braided to the shoulders, and then fall in soft curls.  Also, the bias cut to the bodice bands.  Now if I could only find that basket in miniature. . . . .

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, and costuming your Dorothy doll,  Email me a picture of your finished doll...  I would love to see her.

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