This fabric counter display would be perfect for your general store, or dry goods store or room box.  Filled to the brim with fabrics, laces, notions and trims, every detail is unique and in perfect scale.

A discerning customer has gathered patterns (reprinted from authentic 1893 pattern covers) ribbon, buttons and other notions in her hand made basket, and has laid out her choice of a beautiful bolt of pink silk, French laces and silk ribbon ready to be cut.

A wooden ribbon display holds tiny bolts of silk ribbons ready to be measured and cut.

A revolving button display rack holds a dozen different styles of carded buttons. 2 of each style hang from tiny gold hooks, and feature  antique artwork, and buttons of tiny glass beads and vintage crystals.

The lower left section of the unit holds notions such as needle packages, pincushions, scissors, and a box of corset stays.  Below are bolts of fabrics including silks and imported cottons.

The lower right side of the cabinet holds dozens of tiny bolts of laces, trims and braids, as well as additional bolts of fabric.




Antique posters for sewing machines and notions have been reduced and decorate the ends of the counter.