A classic tale comes to life in miniature.  Gepetto stands 5 3/4' tall.  He has been created from my new Kris K. mold.  His arms and legs are from the Nicholas mold, and the shoes have been altered in the greenware.  He wears a cream shirt, twill pants, and ultrasuede vest. 

His darling companion is Pinocchio.  Pinocchio is a new mold release.  He has a jointed 5 piece body, and two different heads and faces, one with molded hair, one for wig application.  Pinocchio stands 2 3/4" tall without his hat. 

Gepetto's wonderful features make him a wonderfully versatile character doll. 

Pinocchio's limbs have been sculpted to represent the carved wooden puppet, complete with molded joints and pins. 

Pinocchio's body is five part, jointed at the shoulders and hips.  Two different heads are included, one with bald head and one with molded hair as shown above.

Nichrome loops have been set into greenware to facilitate stringing.