Simply the height of elegance.  This beautiful Bespac desk has been painstakingly covered in sheets of 23 carat gold leaf, and accessorized with incredibly detailed pieces.  The curved desk features three opening drawers, each trimmed with delicate carving and tiny brass handles.



From left to right, desk accessories include an ornate letter holder with tiny pieces of mail waiting to be read, ornate frame with a portrait of the lady's special gentleman, open letter, desk set with two inkwells, blotter, feather pen and holder, all on matching tray, diary, framed portrait of child, tray of Victorian calling cards, elegant gold fan shaped vase with arrangement of creme roses and  oval shaped metal trinket box.



But wait!  What fun is it to have drawers that really open if you don't fill them.  Our "ever so tidy" lady of the house has placed correspondence in the left drawer, a calendar and set of stationery in the center, and family photos in the right hand drawer.



In miniatures, it is all in the details.  The diary has printed pages, and when the lid to the trinket box is removed, you will find tiny curled rolls of postage stamps.



The letters in the letter holder are reduced from real antique envelopes, with period stamps, addresses, and cancellations!  The letter is a reduction of a  real letter written to Elizabeth Barrett Browning from you-know-who....


The desk comes with a matching chair that has also been gold leafed.  Note that the gold leafing used on this set is NOT the inexpensive craft store variety, but the finest 23 carat leaf available.

Chair has been re-upholstered in a lovely creme dupoini silk fabric, trimmed with a delicate matching silk cording.