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Assembling Your Hat


When your molded crown is thoroughly dry, prepare it for assembly with the brim pieces.

Place your circle template over the tool, using the 3/4" hole in the template.

Keep the template level, and push down over the end of the tool. 

Using your disappearing fabric marker, make a line around the crown, along the edge of the template.


Remove rubber band from tool.  Gently pull the ends of the fabric out from tool, and remove piece from the tool, taking care to preserve the shape of the piece above your marked line. 


Cut away excess fabric from the crown.

DO NOT cut on line.  Cut 1/4" below your mark.

Clip around the crown, cutting notches from edge just to your marked line.

This will leave an edge of pointed tabs extending beyond the line.

Fold each tab out away from the edge of the crown, folding on your marked line.
Run a thin bead of glue around the inside opening of your unwired, trimmed hat brim,
Insert the crown into the opening, having the molded crown extend up through the brim, and allowing the folded tabs to rest firmly into the bead of glue.
On your remaining brim piece, run a bead of glue around the outer edge.

Run a second bead of glue around the inside circle, and apply a thin layer to the remaining surfaces.

Place the two brim pieces wrong sides together, and press together firmly.
Your basic construction is now completed. 
When the hat is thoroughly dry, determine the finished shape you want for your brim.  Bending gently, shape the brim, using the wired edge to mold into gently curves.  Roll one side up for a flirty look, flip the back up, and place a bow for a perky look, or turn one front side under for a sultry look


Trim your hat as desired.  Refer to Lesson 2 for ideas and instructions on bows, flowers, feathers, etc.


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