A fantasy store fixture filled with everything that the proper Victorian lady could ever want or need.

The glass front counter has a faux marble top.  Displayed on one end of the counter top are boxed leather gloves, and a velvet mannequin displaying a lovely ivory blouse trimmed with vintage laces. "Diamond"  and aquamarine earrings peek out from a tiny gift box, while elaborate strands of pearls and aquamarine and diamond clasp and pendants are displayed on a black velvet jewelry mannequin.  An elaborate gold tray holds glass and crystal bottles of perfume, gold powder jar, cameo backed mirror and other tiny delights.

The other end of the counter top is filled with a fabulous bracelet mannequin filled with seven stunning jeweled and beaded bracelets, tiny box of French face powder, gift box containing jeweled bracelet, and gold hat stand displaying a fabulous crushed velveteen hat.

The lower interior of the cabinet is filled with a boxed set of French perfume items, including a large glass "filled" perfume bottle, gilt figurine with draped strand of pearls, boxed bracelet, box of ladies hosiery, and black velvet jewelry mannequin displaying a lovely gold and sapphire necklace pendant set.

The lower left section of the cabinet holds a gilt vanity set with tray, hair receiver, powder jar, brush and mirror, all decorated with tiny hand painted roses, a box of French powder, a box of tiny soaps and another lovely black velvet jewelry display, this time with a lovely ruby and gold necklace and earring set.

Truly a one of a kind creation,  all items in and on this display have been meticulously handcrafted.  Vintage crystals and beads,  antique silks and laces have been used to create fabulous accessories. Antique cosmetic labels have been reproduced in miniature to create authentic boxes and labels. 

The walnut cabinet is finished with a wash of dark glaze, and accented with gold for a worn look.  The cabinet has two sliding doors in the back.  All items are securely glued into place on top of and inside the cabinet.


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