Elegant and feminine essentials for every well dressed victorian lady.  This shoppe counter has a faux marble top and sliding doors in the back.    


  A peach silk chemise is displayed on a gold mannequin, and the latest in hat styles is displayed on a gold hat stand.  Gold picture frame, tiny cherub jewelry stand and bracelet in tiny box are also displayed next to a gold tray filled with beautiful crystal and glass perfume bottles.


 An ivory silk blouse is displayed on a velvet mannequin, and a box of ladies gloves is also offered for sale.  Plum velvet covered jewelry stands display necklaces and bracelets.


Leather boots with a darling boot box are nestled among additional jewelry pieces and display items.  


More jewelry, a gold hand painted vanity set, crystal powder jars, and boxes and bottles of French cologne fill the bottom section of the counter. 


All items are handcrafted with care and attention to detail and authenticity.  Items in and on the counter have been permanently affixed.  Lovely vintage ribbons and laces create an authentic feel to the items as well as the use of vintage artwork, labels, etc.