Mme. Demorest displays her latest millinery creations and a supply of hatmaking supplies in this stunning millinery counter.  The aged wood counter is topped with a faux marble top, and the front displays signs and posters of the "lastest" fashions.  


 A classic black hat trimmed with feathers and silk ribbons is displayed next to a perky spring hat for a young lady in shades of ivory, trimmed with laces, and enamel and sculpted roses.  Boxes of ostrich plumes, a lovely hand mirror, packages of basic hatpins and a display of special hatpins are among the items offered for sale.


 Rolls of silk ribbons and trims, a hatpin display, and special hat embellishments are offered, as well as a smart crushed velvet hat in a soft minty green.


The back of the counter is filled as well, with all the basic hatmaking elements that a proper lady needs to keep up with the latest fashion.



 Stored on shelves in the back side of the cabinet are hatboxes, spools and reels of ribbons laces and trims, bolts of netting, and hat straw.  Everything that the well stocked milliner needs to fill her customer's needs.
All items are handcrafted with care and attention to detail and authenticity.  Items in and on the counter have been permanently affixed.  Lovely vintage ribbons and laces create an authentic feel to the items as well as the use of vintage artwork, labels, etc.