Miniature Hats, Hatboxes, Parasols and Gloves, all finely handcrafted for your dollhouse or Mini Shoppe.


"Alllure" - Peach silk hat with tall crown is trimmed with lace, silk roses feathers and netting pouf accented with tiny pearls.

"April in Paris" - Red and black silk hat with braid and lace trims, ribbon bows and matching feather trim.  Coordinating hatbox and parasol.

"Bridal Finery" - White silk fabric with lace overlay, silk roses, and tulle pouf accented with tiny pearls.  

"Straw" Hats made from antique silk woven millinery trim.  Trimmed with silk ribbon roses, antique laces and peacock plumage.

"Mourning Bonnet"  Black silk poke bonnet with black silk pleated ribbons, bows, roses and feather trim.  Matching hatbox and parasol.

"Easter Bonnet"  In shades of lilac and pink, this bonnet has a stand up brim trimmed with shirred lace, sculpted roses and braid trim.  Lovely!  

"Winter Bonnets" -  In Creme, Blue or Rose.  Velveteen winter poke bonnet trimmed with layers of lace, silk ribbon roses and braided trims.  Matching hatboxes and parasols.

"Scrumptious"  - Rose silk poke bonnet with pleated silk ribbons silk roses and loops, and braid trim.  The most elaborate hat in my collection of designs.

"Shy Violet" A fun "straw" hat trimmed with tiny hand sculpted violets, feathers and silk ribbon bows.  Matching parasol and hatbox.

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