With our quality custom mold making services, you can go from this.....

Your Original Sculpture


A single high-quality plaster mold for casting in porcelain or ceramic.

   to this........


or even this!   

Rubber cases for quantity reproduction of commercial molds, and mold production services.


To view a comprehensive demonstration of our moldmaking techniques, use this link - 

To Moldmaking Demonstration

We offer a complete range of mold making services.  If you are a hobbyist with an original sculpture and want a quality mold made for your own use we offer superior mold making services at very competitive prices.


If you are an artist who wishes to have full service mold making, including rubber cases, manufacturing of your molds, and even drop-shipment to your customers, we are here for you!


We specialize in mold making for porcelain miniature dolls and accessories. You are assured of molds that have sharp details, pour and release easily, and are made from the highest quality plaster, to insure long wear.  


You have put so much time and talent into your original sculpture.

Why compromise your pieces with an inferior mold when you can have the best, at prices that are affordable?


We will be happy to discuss your mold needs with you, and give you details and suggestions for your mold project..  Since each mold is different, we will need details on your project before quoting prices.  Please email us with your inquiry.


We look forward to hearing from you and offering you the best value in quality mold making services available on the market today.