I'm delighted to share with you the photos and history of the newest piece in my personal collection.


A few months ago, my dear friend Moonyeen Moller came to visit, and she came bearing gifts!!! She gave me a simply wonderful roombox project that she had completed years ago in a Bluette Melony class. After the class, the box went thru many transformations by Moonyeen, and many lives too. It got lots of new wiring, and for a few years was a clock shop. Then it was in the process of being refurbished into a mask shop when it ended up on the UFO shelf. Those of you who are new to minis.. UFO is Unfinished Objects. Stick with this hobby for just a short while and you will find you have plenty of them yourself.

The interior of this box is small, so it needed to be a shop for small items. I decided even before I knew about it's past life that this would become my clock shop.




The roombox itself is two sided. It sits on a wooden base mounted on a turntable. From one side, you see this fabulous exterior. Very old European, with wonderful stained glass in the bay window. Notice the sloped sidewalk? And the water dripping from the end of the drain pipe?



I love photographing the front of the shop from this angle. It looks so very real!! There wasn't really much at all for me to do with the outside as it came to me so wonderfully perfect. So I washed the windows and laser engraved a sign to hang next to the door, and turned my attention to the inside.


I think that all miniature scenes are meant to capture just a moment in a particular place or time, so my clock shop was named "A Moment in Time"


The interior was already fitted with Moonyeen's exquisite hand cut and hand laid herringbone floor. There would be no topping that, so I added a bit of orange oil and called it perfect. New texture on the walls as well as a new shelf around the top of the room were added. New window and door casings and a small display shelf were stained to match the existing patina on the front door.


Then came the challenge of the hunt!!! The best part about doing this type of roombox is hunting for all the little components needed to fill it up! I must confess that it took less than three weeks for me to assemble this assortment of clocks, but that included a LOT of hunting on the Internet at all hours..... very hard work indeed!!!

The three Grandfather clocks are by Bespaq. The cuckoo clock on the right is Ruetter Porcelain. The regulator, elaborate Welsh clock and cuckoo on the left are all from my laser kits.

That was an additional benefit... in outfitting this roombox, I was inspired to make ten new clock kits which are now available for sale in my shopping cart. So You can have a clock shoppe too!!!


The gold metal clock on the left and the silver metal clock on the right are antique pieces from Germany. The banjo clock, carved clock and black early American clock on the wall are from my new kits, as is the clock on the left side of the top shelf.

The two metal clocks on the floor, the silver and the green ones, are both antique toys from Germany.

The silver figural clock right front and tall gold clock left back on the table top are both antique also. The others are all made from found objects and miniature metal castings.

The fabulous oil rubbed bronze light fixture is by Ray Storey from the UK, who was kind enough to blow the shades in amber at my request.

Many of the small clocks on the shelf around the top of the room were also made from found objects, metal castings, or more of my laser kits. Some are commercially made by Kendall Miniatures.


Mona Jones made the brown clock toward the left on the back shelf. The elephant clock is by Brooke Tucker.


And believe it or not, I almost passed this antique clock by on ebay because at 3 or so inches high, I thought it would be way out of scale for this shop. But after a bit of thought, I realized that it was really a special piece and that it would be fabulous in the front window. I love the way the red on the clock base brings out the red in the stained glass too.




So there you have the latest.. at least for now. There are always lots of projects underway at our house!

Visit again soon to see what lies ahead!!!