The year is 1910, and bustles are gone.  The fashion line of the Belle Époque Era is a smooth silhouette, tiny waist, and straight skirt that will eventually evolve into a hobble skirt.  Ropes of pearls and jewels, and outrageously huge hats are all the rage, and when it comes to opulence, "more is better."

Penelope is my original sculpture, and shown here costumed in an elegant gown of peach silk and tissue silk jacquard.  Tiny antique Italian beads and Austrian crystals embellish the gown, and create the beaded choker necklace that was made popular by Princess Alexandra, who inspired many of the fashion trends of the day.  Penelope measures 5 1/2" in height.


I will be producing a signed, numbered edition of 6 Penelope dolls as shown here.  They are available exclusively from 

Daisy's Dollhouse Miniatures.  

Please contact Daisy's for more details on Penelope using the link above.


Molds are now available for Penelope, as well as many other fabulous new faces. Use the link below to visit my molds page.