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Dress - 

Skirt piece measures 22" x 5 1/2".  If you are using your own printed fabric, you will need to join pieces to make skirt width.  Use one piece 11" wide for center section.  Cut second 11" piece in half and join to ends of full piece.  This eliminates a seam at center front.



Turn under 1/2" along bottom edge and hem.

Right sides together, glue or stitch center back seam.



Run two rows of gathering stitches around top edge of skirt. Place skirt on doll, and draw up gathering stitches tightly.  Adjust fullness evenly around waist.  Make sure that center back and side seams are positioned properly. 
Tie off gathering stitches, and glue knot.  Run glue under raw edges of skirt and press down to remove bulk.
Place a narrow bead of glue around outer edges of bodice back, and place on doll, covering gathered edges of skirt. Edges of back do not need to be finished, as they will be covered by other elements of the dress.
Fold under side edges of bodice front, and apply glue around all edges.  Place on doll, covering raw edges of skirt, and centering side edges evenly under arms.  Smooth to dolls body, fitting fabric to curves of torso.


Cut bodice ruffles from print fabric as follows:

1) 8" x 1/2"

1) 8" x 5/8"

Fray check edges of ruffles.



Use an eyelet trim with a very small patterned edge.  Trim edge from eyelet, so that trimmed section measures no more than 1/4".


Glue eyelet to right side of fabric, with 1/2 of trim extending beyond the edge of the fabric.


This trim is called entredeux, and is used in French hand sewing.  We are going to use it to simulate beading.  When used with small ribbon, it is in perfect scale for our dolls.

Cut two pieces each 8 1/2"  in length.

Thread 2mm silk ribbon thru a large needle, and thread thru the entredeux.  Use care to keep the ribbon from twisting as it goes in and out of the holes in the entredeux.

Trim excess fabric away from each edge of the entredeux.  Use care not to cut thru the threads of the entredeux, but trim as closely as possible.

Glue the entredeux over the raw edge of the eyelet trim on the ruffles.  This simulates the fabric ruffles that were edged with a beaded eyelet trim on the original dress.
Trim the ends of the ruffles into gentle curves.  Sew two rows of gathering stitches across raw edge of ruffles.


Place the widest ruffle around the doll first, matching center back and front.  Draw up the gathers, and adjust fullness.  Glue ruffle to porcelain, covering the top edges of the bodice, and positioning the ruffle low on the shoulders as shown in photo.

Use care to apply glue ONLY to the area where the gathering stitches were sewn, allowing the body of the ruffle to fall freely around the neckline.

Place the narrow ruffle over the first ruffle, with raw edges even, and draw up gathers. Glue this ruffle directly over previous ruffle.
Cut a 1/8" strip from your glue coated piece of velvet ribbon, and glue in place around neckline, covering raw edges of ruffles.

Make small bows from 4mm silk ribbon and glue to center front and top of shoulders.

Make a large loopy bow from 7mm silk ribbon and tack to center back of dress at waistline.
Use no hole beads to create Scarlett's  mother's coral necklace and earrings as depicted in the movie. 
Wig doll using loosely curled viscose. Add silk ribbon bows to hair.
Place doll on your draping board. Arrange and pin skirt into attractive folds and drapes.  Affix with the draping solution of your choice. I use hair spray.
Add a large straw picture hat, trimmed with silk ribbons.  If you need help with hat making, refer to my 4-part tutorial on mini millinery.  

If desired, a soft white lace shawl may  be added to the outfit.  Scarlett draped one over her arms in the movie.





Well, there you have it.  Your own little piece of Tara.  I hope you have enjoyed this project.  I absolutely love working with this doll.  The original sculpture, by Anthony Bulone, is simply stunning, and a real joy to paint.  The realistically proportioned body is fun to costume, and the results are fabulous.  Don't you agree??


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