A fabulous custom built store fixture houses fabrics and notions for the Victorian seamstress.


Large rolls of silk brocades and damask hang from wooden spindles.  Scissors and tape measure are ready at hand to cut your purchase.  Tiny tags hang off each spindle with the price information.  If you are looking for inspiration, the latest copy of the delineator magazine is also available for your perusal.  
A fine selection of cotton laces and silk ribbons and trims fill the shelves of the display.

Tiny patterns feature the latest fashion styles of the day, and  spools of crochet threads are also offered.

A wide assortment of coats sewing threads are displayed in a multi level wooden display rack, which features the authentic coats label.  Spools are handmade from wood, and wrapped with thread.  A box of cards of mending thread, and darning eggs sits in front of a box full of button cards.  Need help with your purchase?  Just ring the tiny service bell!  


Bolts of exquisite silks and high quality cotton prints fill the lower section of the display.

 All items in the display are permanently affixed to the unit.


My finished pieces are available for purchase exclusively thru

Daisy's Dollhouse Miniatures

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