This lovely Bespac display cabinet has been refinished with a worn, antiqued look of crème paint worn away to reveal antique gold. The cabinet features glass door, and shelves, and a mirrored back. Delicate carved trims accent the piece.

The top shelf of the cabinet displays an assortment of jewelry busts.  Jewelry ensembles of pearls, aquamarine, rubies and amethyst adorn the black velvet busts, while tiny bracelets are displayed in their gift boxes, and jewels spill from a tiny round jewelry box.  Other items are displayed on the glass shelf..

The second shelf contains a lovely display of perfume and toiletry items.  Beautiful crystal perfume bottles, as well as labeled bottles of cologne, powder, compact  and other items are displayed in front of a lovely gilt bust.  Boxes of French cologne are also displayed along side a glass bottle "filled" with perfume.

The next shelf in the display area contains a gold vanity set, a box of tiny leather gloves, a gold trinket container, a pair of silver silk shoes, and matching silver silk purse, both accented with black lace, a rose crushed velvet clutch trimmed with jewels, and a lovely ornate frame with antique print.

The bottom compartment of the cabinet is hidden when the door is closed, but is filled with boxes for perfume, soaps, gloves, and other items, as well as tiny spools of ribbon to wrap your customers purchases.  Truly a one of a kind creation,  all items in and on this display have been meticulously handcrafted.  Vintage crystals and beads,  antique silks and laces have been used to create fabulous accessories. Antique cosmetic labels have been reproduced in miniature to create authentic boxes and labels.  All items in this display have been permanently affixed into place.