Inspiration for a doll costume can come from just about anywhere, but period movies are a wonderful source for costume ideas.  This 5 1/2" porcelain  doll is "Joy" a sculpture by Stacy Hofman.  She has been costumed in a faithful recreation of the famous "boarding suit" from the movie "Titanic".

The two piece Edwardian era traveling suit is made from a blue on white silk stripe.  The profile of the ensemble is the long thin lines of the day.  Bustles were now considered passe' and a long, straight profile with highly tailored detailing was the style of the day.

The doll wears deep navy high button boots.  The skirt is ankle length, and features panels which use the stripe both horizontally and vertically.  The long slim fitting jacket features a center panel on both front and back which uses the stripe in a horizontal pattern.  A solid silk belt matches the solid silk lapels.  Tiny wooden buttons add a perky accent to the design.


Notice how the center section of the jacket perfectly aligns with the center panel of the skirt back.  Construction of this outfit was quite a challenge, but a really rewarding one.  The large picture hat is made in blue silk, and coordinates with the silk parasol. 

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