Welcome back!  Let's make just a couple of treats for our setting, and then we'll put it all together!


How about some candied apples for our treats table?

Use red fimo, sculpey or premo and make several pea sized balls.

Push a wooden toothpick into the top of each ball. In doing this, you will also be slightly flattening the apple.  This is good, as it makes for a more natural shape, and also will give you a flat bottom to stand the apple on.

Bake several of these at 275 degrees.

Mix a very small batch of resin with red resin dye.  Add the dye to the first part of the resin and mix well, then add the hardener and mix thoroughly. Dip each apple into the resin. 

Remove from the cup and allow the first one or two big drips of resin to fall off back into the container.

Then place the apple onto a piece of plastic wrap and allow to sit.  The resin will continue to run off the apple and puddle around the bottom a bit, just like a real candy apple.

Let these sit overnight and then carefully remove from plastic and place on a tray or plate of your choosing.  You will want to trim the sticks before placing on the tray.

I used a cardboard box for the base for my treats table.  The box I choose measured 4" wide by 2" deep by 1 3/4" high.  You can choose whatever size you want for your scene, depending on what else you plan on putting in the display.

Arrange your jack-o-lanterns on the table as you will want them in your final display.  Mark the center bottom of each of them, and then put a small hole into the table top using an x-acto knife.  This is to allow for lighting.

Cut a piece of fabric for your table skirt. Measure around the table and multiply by two for the width of the fabric, and measure the height of the table and add 1/4" for hem for the height of the fabric.

My fabric measured 24" x 2"

Glue a narrow hem across the bottom of the fabric, and hand sew gathering stitches across the top edge.  Gather up the fabric and glue around the top edge of the table.  Then arrange the gathers nicely, and pin down around the bottom edge of the table, pinning right into the cardboard box.  Spray the table well with hairspray to set the folds of the fabric.

Cut a table topper to fit your table.  I cut mine so that it would hang over the edges of the table top 3/4" on all sides - so my piece measured 3 1/2" x 5 1/2".  I did not hem the ends.  I cut the fabric on the straight grains of the fabric and then pulled threads to make a cute fringed edge to the table topper.  Glue the topper into place, being careful not to use too much glue - don't let it seep thru the fabric.  Then arrange the corner folds and spray with hairspray.
I purchased a set of 10 little lights that run off a battery pack at Michaels.  Cost only a couple of dollars.  I decided to use 2 lights for each pumpkin, so cut off the four excess lights at the base.  The battery pack will be anchored to the inside of the table. Put it in place, and then figure out how much wire you need to push the lights up thru each of your holes.  Wind the rest of the wire into a bundle and secure with a rubber band, or all that wire will drive you nuts.
The battery pack has been hot glued to the side of the box.  The excess wire is bundled neatly, and three pairs of bulbs are now extending out and up thru the top of the table.
Put glue on the bottom of the pumpkin, around the hole in the bottom and carefully position on the table, feeding the lights up into the pumpkin as you put him into place.

As I mentioned, I used two bulbs per pumpkin, just cause they were available.  You can use only one, or put as many as 10 pumpkins on your table.  Whatever you like.

Here is my table with a tray of candy apples, and a fabulous tray of trick or treat goodies that I purchased on ebay from Jennifer Panattoni. 

I do not consider myself a very skilled mini food maker at all, and Jennifer's tray was just fabulous! Sometimes it is smarter to shop rather than try and create!

Here's a close up of Jennifer's Halloween Tray.  Check out those eyeball suckers and envelopes of pixie sticks!!!

Brings back memories!

Of course, I had to do this tutorial in advance.  I am sure that all of you have a notebook full of great instructions and links for making lots of mini treats because of our quest yesterday, right?  If not, go to the posts for 10/30 and you will find TONS of links and projects for your own treats!

Use thin strips of wood to frame some Halloween pictures for your house.  If you want the pictures I used, use this link to download:


These designs were taken from antique Halloween postcards.

Here is my finished pumpkin room... the jack-o-lanterns are lit (just flip the little switch on the battery pack when you want to turn the lights on and off.  For this reason, the table is NOT glued into place. 

A basket of harvest goodies and a black cat are cute accessories.

I also glued a few silk leaves to the top of the pumpkin.

The pumpkins really glow when I turned off the photo lights!!!

Of course, there is still a big empty space in my roombox....


Thanks to the wonders of digital photography, Annie's little lion made it all the way from Canada to trick or treat at my pumpkin house!!!


We hope you have enjoyed our Trick or Treat Tutorial.  Annie and I  really enjoyed making it, and rather than doing something witchy and dark, we choose to  celebrate the lighter side of Halloween - after all, it's really all about kids, and costumes, and candy and fun... at least at our houses!  If you have any questions about the project, feel free to email either of us!


Let Them Celebrate!

'Twas Halloween night and all through the sky,

The clouds hid the moon as the bats glided by.

I was dressed all in white in my mama's old sheet,

Walking with friends down the ghost-haunted street.


All the kids were dressed in bright costumed array,

While flashlights and street lights guided our way.

We giggled and laughed as we hurried to each door,

Ringing or knocking, then laughing some more.


There were pumpkins aglow and skeletons dangling,

Scarecrows and shadows and silver chains clanging.

Grownups in masked faces opened doors in greeting,

As we stood with our bags and waited for treating.


Some people say that we should not have this night,

That children are harmed by the sights or the fright -

But it's the one time a year when we can pretend to be

Someone else for a while, not you - not even me.


Let them celebrate now, as the bats glide on by,

For childhood is brief, like the blink of an eye.

Listen to their laughter and let the children be

Someone else for a while, not you -not even me.