Welcome Mad Hatters!!!  I have designed a special hatbox for February.  Rather than the usual roses and bows, this hatbox features literally dozens of antique Valentine images that were each individually  selected and placed to make the artwork for this "members only" hatbox. 

Please use our "basic hatbox construction" lesson to cover and assemble your hatbox, and then come back here to finish the embellishments and final touches.

Here is a link to the: Basic Hatbox Construction


After completing all of the steps in the basic construction tutorial, you should have a lovely little box just like this one.


Now, let's dress it up just a little bit.  This box has such lovely artwork that it would be a shame to cover it all up with "stuff", so we are going to just add some simple trim to dress it up a bit and cover some seams.


Apply a thin bead of glue around the outer edge of the lid top, and around the top edge of the lid sides as shown.
Apply your braid trim to the lid top and sides.  This trim works well for this purpose because of how naturally it folds down the center to fit over the corner edge of the lid.

NOTE:  Before cutting this  trim, apply glue to the back side of the end, or the area where you are going to make your cut, and cut carefully.  If you are careful you can join the two ends of the trim so neatly you can't tell where the ends were joined together.


The trim also can be easily split in half by carefully cutting the threads that run down the center of the trim.  Cut your remaining trim piece in half, and if necessary, pick out all those little stray cut threads with tweezers.

Apply a thin bead of glue around the bottom edge of the lid, and around the bottom edge of the hatbox itself, and apply trim.

Use an x-acto, awl pointed scissors or very large yarn needle to make holes in the sides of the hatbox.  Make the holes spaced evenly across the hatbox from each other, and make sure that they are low enough on the box that they are not going to be covered by the lid when it is placed on the box. 
Place glue on each end of your cording and twist to make a point and to prevent unraveling. 

Tie a knot in one end of the cording.  Beginning from the inside of the box, thread the unknotted end of the cord thru one hole.  Then thread two jump rings onto the cording.

Bring the end of the cord around the outside of the box, and thread thru the remaining hole, going from outside to inside the box.  Jump rings are still hanging loosely on the cording at this point.
Pull the cording up snugly and tie a knot 1/2" from the end of the cording.  Clip off excess.  Pull the cording handle from the outside so that the knots are against the inside walls of the box.


Place a tiny bit of glue around the hole on the outside of the box, and slide a jump ring up against the box and into the glue.  This gives a nice finish to the hole.  Repeat for other side.
There you are!  Lovely!  And a wonderful piece to display with your new February Hat!


See you next month!!!