This is another one of Debbie Young's fabulous 1/4 scale house kits. The Visalian was originally created back in the 80"s as a 1/12 scale kit. It was originally inspired by an old farmhouse in Visalia California, hence the name. Debbie's kit has the same wonderful and unique architectural details as the larger version. The footprint of the building is almost a triangle, making for some very interesting nooks and crannies! But first, lets explore the outside.

I designed the arbor and picket fence myself and cut it out on the laser cutter. Each picket is individually placed onto the fence rails.

The parlor, as well as the vast majority of furnishings in the house, were made from Debbie Young's kits.

The piano is really fabulous. The grandfather clock was from a Betterly kit, and the delicate end tables were from kits by the Steinkes.


The dining room is one of my favorite rooms in the house. Before I assembled the house, I laser etched the wooden base pieces with a plank flooring design. After staining and sanding, and several coats of deft, I think it looks fabulous! The table is completely set for 6. Wine velveteen fabric covers the chairs. The hutch is filled with little pieces of "china"

Notice that thru the dining room, on the back left you can see a bit of the front entry and the base of the staircase.

I still need to look for accessories for my kitchen. This is why I always say that a miniature project is never finished. You can always fine more little treasures to add. But I love the wonderful stove, and the great sink in this set. The work table even has flour bins underneath.

Here is the master bedroom. Guess what my favorite color is??? The furniture is gorgeous, and oh so "Victorian quarter sawn oak" style. I love the wallpaper too, and chose the bedding and accessories to pull out the rose in the paper. Even the glass light fixture is rose. The tiny orchid was made by Signe Alvarstein. Blown glass vase by Villanhanzo.

The nursery is one of the smaller rooms, but big enough for a crib, wing chair, side table and wardrobe. More than enough for any mini baby.

Here is the guest bedroom. Again the furniture is perfect for the room. Brass bed, dresser, nightstand and an old steamer trunk. Wonder what's inside??? The hurricane lamps were made by Shelly Norris.


The bathroom is an unusual room, because of its placement at the tip of the triangle of the house. This means that it has only two real walls, but I felt that placement of the tub would visually create that missing third wall. I don' t know if you can see in the photo, but I laser carved this flooring in the tiny little hexagon pattern that was popular in tiled floors and then finished it a bright shiny white. In person, it looks very realistic.

This is one of my favorite photos. It is of the upstairs hallway. You can see the door that opens up to the second floor balcony, as well as the stairwell leading down to the main entrance. If you didn't know this was a miniature, would you know the difference?


The house has two attic spaces. One became a little swing room tucked under the eaves.

The second attic is storage for odds and ends. More of those to come, I'm sure.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit. I have several more quarter scale buildings in various stages of unfinished, and will add them to these pages as they are completed, so check back again!


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